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Skyy Boxing Gym was started way back in 1995 by brothers Jay and Tommy Deas. The gym sprang from a deep passion for boxing and a great love for fighters. Since 1995, much blood, sweat, tears, laughter, and especially hard work and dedication have gone into Skyy Gym on the part of it's owners, trainers, and fighters.

Skyy Boxing Gym is proud to be the home of World Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder.  Rising stars include Golden Gloves Champions Deon Nicholson, Ke'eric Hinton, Thomas Knox, and Dre Harris, along with many up and coming boxers.  

Skyy Boxing Gym is open Monday-Friday from 10 am - until.  There is no set closing time.  Our last people come in around 5pm so we close when everyone is finished!  There are no class times.  Whenever you arrive is when your class begins.  Try to make it by 5.  We do all the basic boxing training.  We have professional boxers, golden glovers and people just wanting to get into shape.  No one ever has to compete or take a punch that doesn't want to.  Gym dues are $75 a month for adults and $50 for kids.  Our gym rates are month to month - you aren't locked into anything!  These rates include us working with you.  We keep about 50 members a month.  Approximately 15 are female and 10 are kids.  As for equipment just bring workout clothes.  We have the jump ropes, heavy bags, etc.  The only thing you'll have to buy early on is a pair of hand wraps and gloves.  We sell the gloves for $50 and the hand wraps for $10.  They'll last you about a year. We do take debit and credit cards.

Call Jay with any questions. 205-799-1696.  Private lessons before and after normal gym hours are available also.

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